Las Vegas: The Series Top Tips for surviving Vegas!

I have just about recovered from my week in Vegas and have a few tips to share with you for surviving Vegas. Some of these are things I did and some of these are things I WISH I did!


This seems so obvious because you should do this anywhere. Vegas is right in the middle of the desert, and even though I was fully aware of this before going and fully prepared to need extra hydration I was still surprised by HOW DRY Vegas was! I needed to drink so much more water than usual, my skin,my lips, my hair, even my nails were dry! Drinks lots and use a lot of moisturiser. Even when you escape the heat outside you’re still in Air Conditioned buildings which are just as drying. I live in England where A/C isn’t really needed so found the dryness very full on. I made sure I always had a bottle of water, lip balm and hand cream in my bag, as well as sun screen to top up through the day- this kept me hydrated enough until I got back to the room.

Suitable Clothes

I know a few people who have been to Vegas who all warned me how hot it was during the day here and to dress accordingly. Only one person told me it can get chilly at night- but she mentioned that she went in October. As I was travelling in May I took a light jacket but didn’t think I would need it. I was wrong, there were two nights when the wind was COLD and I was very thankful for the jacket. I suppose this is pretty standard “desert” weather and I wish I had maybe taken a pair of jeans for the evening in case of cooler weather! There was often a breeze right down the strip (both day and night) which was cooling in the day, but played havoc with dresses. Be wary of what you take because I had a few “Marilyn Monroe” incidents! Next time I would take fewer floaty dresses and more shorts!

Good Walking Shoes

This is sort of linked to taking Suitable clothes, but I made a mistake with the shoes I took with me! I read something this morning that said “everything looks closer than it is in Vegas” and it’s so true! I think because everything is so huge it looks close, but you don’t realise that it takes 10 minutes to get past each building! I took flip flops, two pairs of sandals and a pair of heels and my feet were in agony by the first night! The floor was burning my feet THROUGH the shoes and I desperately needed some support. I would definitely take a better pair of shoes to walk around during the day, something that offers at least some support. Hopefully it will save you ice baths for your feet and sleeping with them propped on pillows!

Use the Deuce/SDX

There are buses that run up and down the strip 24 hrs a day, the Deuce stops at each stop down the strip then goes all the way downtown to Fremont Street, the SDX runs late but not 24hrs, this goes up and down the strip (but doesn’t stop at every stop) as well as downtown, to the shopping outlets and to the Las Vegas sign (this is about a 15 minute walk past Mandalay Bay). I highly recommend this bus, its safe, clean and always runs, you can buy a 3 day pass for $20 (I think there is also a 5 days pass available), the passes are valid on the Deuce and the SDX. Taxi rides are really expensive up and down the strip ($20 from the Luxor to Caesers) so the bus is well worth the money!

Tix For Tonight

There are about ten stands for this company located up and down the strip as well as one on Fremont Street. They sell reduced tickets- usually for that night or the night after- to almost anything. You can get tickets to shows, attractions, excursions and dinners. We used Tix For Tonight to get tickets to the Titanic Exhibition in the Luxor (50% off), the Eiffel Tower at Paris ($8 off) and tickets to see Penn & Teller at the Rio (46% of) which also included transport from Harrah’s to the Rio. You can save some serious money here so check here before buying tickets to shows. We used the stand outside Planet Hollywood the most, but we did use stands by M&M World and the Linq too.

My Vegas Slots and My Vegas Blackjack

These are free apps to download onto your phone, you play either Blackjack or the Slots (this is really easy you just press a button) to win gold coins. The gold coins can then be used to redeem vouchers at any casino/hotel using the MLife reward system. You can get BOGOF buffet vouchers, free drinks, money off at Starbucks, show tickets or attraction tickets. This is a great way to save a little money, Vegas can get pretty expensive so every little helps! Something to be aware of which is buried deep in the Ts&Cs of this app is that if you have both apps your coins are combined (e.g. the coins shown at the top of your app are the combined total not what you have on each app) and you are only able to redeem 4 vouchers every 30 days, and the vouchers can only be redeemed while you are in Vegas as you need to go to an MLife desk (which are in the Casinos).

These were just a few things that I did or wish I did to make my stay in Vegas easier, cheaper or better. I hope these might be helpful to somebody who is going as I wish I’d seen some of these before I went. If you have any tips that you think I missed let me know becuase it would be good for me to know for my next trip!


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