Long Haul Flights: Must have Items

I’ve been on quite a few long haul flights- at least enough to know what I need to make myself comfortable on long flights. Its taken a lot of years, flights and trial and error and as I’m getting ready to take my longest flight yet at the end of this year (26 hours to Brisbane) I want to take an oppurtunity to share my must have items for flying long distances to keep yourself as comfortable as possible.

1.Neck Pillow

Investing in a good neck pillow can make a huge difference to your comfort on the flight, it’s the difference between an hour of light sleep and a few hours of proper rest. My neck pillow has extra support in the form of an extra “tier” and a drawstring to keep it snug around my neck. This really changed long haul flights for me and made the whole experience much more comfortable. My neck pillow was a (really good!) gift so I don’t actually know where to get them from but I did manage to find a picture of the pillow I have so you can see what it looks like.

Cabeau, evolution microbead

2. Eye Mask

As with a good neck pillow an eye mask can really improve the quality of the rest you get on a flight, I find I wake up a lot less with an eye mask during the flights. It’s especially useful to have an eye mask if you’re going to try to sleep through meal times like I usually do.

3.Hand Sanitizer

Let’s face it, aeroplanes are gross. They’re essentially a giant tube full of people and all of their germs. I always at least try to take hand sanitizer to use every so often through the flight especially after using the bathroom (door handles are dirty) and before eating. Not everybody has the same hygiene standards as you do and hand sanitizer seems to make the flights seem less disgusting.

4.Lip Balm

Aeroplanes really dry out my skin and I always end up with chapped lips, so i take a lip balm in my hand baggage to put on throughout the flight. I use a balm called Paw Paw by Papayagold, as it can be used on chapped skin in general so I put it on my undereyes too and anywhere else that I feel needs extra moisture.


5. Face spray

I know this is really high maintenance but I always take a face spray on a flight with me. Not only does it rehydrate your skin, but it also makes your skin look a little less dull. I like to spray my face when I wake up from a nap as it refreshes me and makes me feel more awake too. I used the Urban Decay B6 Vitamin spray (mini) for my last journey, but I’ve heard really good things about the body shop Vitamin sprays, so I might give them a try next time.

In general I try to organise my hand luggage to make the flight easier. I keep my liquids in the clear bag, all of my electricals in one bag and anything else I might need during the flight in another bag. I usually have everything in separate makeup bags in my hand luggage so I can take the smaller bags out that I need and put my larger bag in the overhead compartment (gives you a little bit of spare leg room too).

Happy flying!




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