Thailand: The Series. Future Plans

It’s the end of my Thailand series and I thought I would go over what I would do differently or what I plan to do next time I visit Thailand.

I plan on heading back in 2019 (talk about forward planning) as I’m heading to Australia over 2107/18 christmas and new year! I loved my trip in Thailand and I’m glad I did things the way I did, but having been there are few things I would do differently or would add in. I thought I would share a few of them here so it could help somebody else to learn from my “mistakes” or maybe get some suggestions for my next trip.

  1. Backpack

We took suitcases on this trip as we were staying in hotels and flying between destinations, although we didn’t experience any problems as such with taking suitcases I feel like it would be a little easier to take a backpack next time. It would make the ferry rides easier as getting the cases off the boat could be a bit of a challenge, although we always got offered help with our cases getting them to our rooms was also a bit rough depending on the “condition” of the floors. I feel like taking a backpack would also prevent overpacking, nobody wants to carry around unnecessary items on their back!

2.Sleep Aboard- Maya Bay

It was only after I got back to England that I found out about Sleep Aboard trips, I still have some research to do but I’ve got the basics. This trip takes you to Maya Bay in the evening as most of the other tourists are leaving. The boat docks out in the bay and you are taken to the beach by Long Boat. You have a BBQ and there’s music and a fire for you to get to know the people on your trip over. You can snorkel with the plankton and jump into the sea from the boat. You sleep on the boat and can see the sunrise from the bay, you have breakfast then return to Phi Phi Don where the trip runs from. This sounds like an amazing experience and is definitely something I will be looking into for my next trip.

3. Better footwear!

I made a bit of a mistake with my footwear and only took a pair of flip flops, one pair of cheap pumps from primark and two pair of sandals (one of which I didn’t end up wearing). Looking back I definitely needed a pair of “proper” shoes that would offer me some kind of support when I was walking! We did a lot of wandering around during our trip and I feel like my feet suffered for it, everybody knows the feeling when you’ve been wearing your flip flops for too long. I’ll make sure to pack some trainers next time!

4. Railay Beach

We stayed in Ao Nang on this trip, I enjoyed my stay there it was quite nice to wander around but it was almost an “anywhere resort”, walking through the streets of countless indian restaurants, McDonalds and Irish pubs it was quite difficult to identify this place as Thailand sometimes. That being said we did meet some lovely people here,in the quieter bars down the side streets. We will probably stay at Railay Beach next time for a more relaxed feel and “island vibe” to our time in this part of the country.

5.Stay within the Walls- Chiang Mai

I loved our hotel in Chiang Mai, it was beautiful, quiet and so relaxed it was almost horizontal. I do feel that we didn’t see much of Chiang Mai though and for that reason we will be looking to stay closer to the city centre this time and in a hotel that is less like a resort. Being walking distance to the main centre will mean we are free to explore a bit more and get a better feel for the city.

6. D.I.Y Full Moon Party

If you have had chance to read any of my other posts you will know that we booked our Full Moon Party as part of a package, this worked quite well for us and gave us piece of mind for our first trip to this part of the world. Having been to the party and stayed on Koh Phangnan we have seen how easy it is to organise our selves and we also have an idea of where we want to stay, we know a good ferry company to go with and will probably organise this ourselves so we have a bit more freedom with our time on the island.

7.Koh Tao

We didn’t have time to get to Koh Tao on this trip and only sailed past on our way to Koh Nangyuan, but it’s somewhere we would like to squeeze into our itinerary if we could. The snorkelling here is amazing so it would be good to get into the water here (I don’t think we’re brave enough for scuba diving).

8.Chiang Rai

We don’t think we will have chance to get to Chiang Rai on our next trip unfortunately, which is a real shame as we want to see Wat Rong Khun (The White Temple). We have come across a day trip that runs from Chiang Mai which will take us to see this and this is definitely something we will be looking further into as even just a glimpse of this place would be worth it.


This is a bit of a weird one but I don’t feel like I went on my trip fully equipped for the weather and what it would put my skin through. I took a light moisturiser with me thinking it would be okay and feel like my skin paid the consequences for my mistake.  Next time I will be taking coconut oil with me as this has multiple uses and will hydrate my skin properly.

10.A different attitude

As this was my first trip to this part of the world I had no idea what to expect and it made me a little wary until I settled in. Next time I go I will know I’m going to a country with some of the kindest and friendliest people I have ever met. I will know that the food is nothing to be afraid of, and where to but the cheapest water! I’ll know what a good price is and when I’m being “scammed”, I’ll know how to get a good deal on what I’m buying and where to get the best massage! I’ll also go equipped with the basics in Thai so I can at least greet and thank people for their help! In general I will go with the knowledge that I’m going to a beautiful country full of amazing people and experiences and I can’t wait to dive into it headfirst.

Until next time Thailand.



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