Thailand- The Series

In November 2016 I was lucky enough to spend three weeks in Thailand.

My sister and I had saved up for over a year and finally set off on a “quick stop” tour through just some of Thailand’s highlights.

As we both have “conventional” full-time office jobs in England we could only take 3 weeks off from work so needed to cram as much in as possible. This meant we had to do things a little differently.

Before we began planning our trip and even up until we arrived on our trip I had concerns about going to Thailand and how we would cope, I read countless travel guides and blogs, watched hundreds of videos but never found anybody who had travelled around Thailand the way we did.

Like most people I ended up loving every second of Thailand and look back on my panic as a little ridiculous. I wish I had been able to find somebody who had “done Thailand” the way we did.

So this is the start of my “Thailand Series” a run down of where we went, when, how, why, where we stayed, what we did, what we liked, what we didn’t, recommendations and a wish list for a return trip.

Keep reading for lots of rambling about my favourite three weeks of 2016 and lots of pictures that I can’t believe I was lucky enough to take!




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